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Tools for relaxation, attention focus and balance

Meditation, yoga and other mindfulness exercises, are flourishing in many educational systems around the world, and with a good reason. Research in the field shows that it helps to focus students' attention, promote mutual respect, self-control and empathy, while reducing stress, anxiety, hyperactivity and depression.

And if all of these were not enough, other encouraging side effects include improving parental relationships, improving grades, raising self-esteem, gaining emotional management, and reducting or complete interrupting ADHD medication.

Today's children face constant sensory over-stimulation, It is needed to provide them with tools that help them relax, focus, avoid negative thoughts and behaviors, build self-confidence and treat others with respect and appreciation is a gift that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

- Dalai Lama

The imaginary method works specifically with Vipassana meditation, a fundamental part of the oldest school of Buddhism, Theravada. It is also considered to be the 'analyst', in charge of classifying different psychological states. Vipassana can be taught both, in Buddhist and lay centers, since it does not create conflicts of community, race or religion and anyone can practice it freely.

The breath is connected with the vital energy "prana",  and oxygenates every cell of our body. The Pranayama breathing exercises are one of the most important wellness tools we can learn. Children get help when they are about to explode in a fit of crying or when they are too excited to express themselves clearly.

Yoga is a meditation in movement whose focus is on the same practice, breathing and energy flow poses. The greeting to the sun is a simple routine whose 12 poses maintain the energetic channels of the body open and flowing properly, avoiding numerous diseases.

Guided visualization Yoga Nidra is also an ancient practice that brings to consciousness different areas of the body while in stillness and silence. It is very useful to become aware of one's body, it is very relaxing and helps to rest better.

Exposing our children to these ancient but practical techniques will definitely help them grow healthier and enjoy one of the most powerful tools of personal development at our hand.

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